1/4 of a century at RuyDeLacerda

A few days before RuyDeLacerda turned 72, he anticipated a celebration by celebrating the 25 years of his employee Sónia Carneiro, person responsible for the company’s commercial assistance. Even in atypical and pandemic times, nothing stopped RuyDeLacerda from doing so !

The biggest investment is made in people … people are RuyDeLacerda’s biggest asset …

With the objective of making team feel well, integrated and as part of the family, on average, a person is trained for two years, a very insignificant time in addition to their perpetual work in the company.

A large part of the elements of RuyDeLacerda, graduated here, started their professional career here, had their first and only job here ! An essence that already has 7 decades. A ‘school’ for growth and success.