About us

Who we are

Ruy de Lacerda & Cª., S.A. is a family-owned company that has its main activity oriented to the sale of consumables and equipments, destined to the Graphic Sector, Plastics Industry, Paper & Cardboard, Recycling and Rubber Industry.

We also have industrial maintenance service, supporting any type of productive equipment with a competent engineering team.


Ruy de Lacerda & Cª., S.A. was founded in 1950 by Mr. Ruy de Lacerda, on his behalf, as an individual company. In 1964 it was transformed into a company with limited liability, having a capital of 10,000 Euros, which was increased to 15,000 Euros in 1973 and in 1988 to 150,000 Euros.


The Company now uses the brand “RdL”.


In 2012 the capital was updated to 150,001.00 Euros and the company was transformed into a limited company.


In 2019 we returned to use the original brand RuyDeLacerda, a brand that best identifies us due to the historical notoriety we have in the Portuguese market.


In 2023, RuyDeLacerda filed a capital increase process to 375,002.50 Euros, thus reflecting a continuous image of financial strength, enabling further development and further stimulating its growth.

Our team

Carlos Silva

Logistic & Quality Assistant

Clara Zamith

Chief Operating Officer

David Zamith


José Quintino

Chief Sales Officer

Luís Lacerda Zamith

Marketing Manager

Nuno Moutinho

Warehouse & Commercial Assistant

Sabino Borges

CEO & Business Unit Director

Sónia Carneiro

Commercial Assistant

Sérgio Pereira

Commercial Director - Graphic Dpt.

Vasco Oliveira

Business Development Manager

Vitor Silva

Warehouse & Segment Technical Manager

Andrea Neves

Segment Technical Manager

João Rodrigues

Commercial Assistant

André Dias


Aníbal Dias

Segment Technical Manager