Brasil came to RuyDeLacerda !

Brasil came to RuyDeLacerda, to talk to us!

By Ismar Becker

What is the difference between planning and outcome? Do you want to come with me to Portugal, to Porto, to find out?

Writing every day on LinkedIn can seem like a pointless exercise. On Monday (26/09), I had proof that it is not. Taking advantage of a trip to Germany, England and Portugal, I went to Porto to visit my virtual friend (now personal) David Zamith.

To begin with, he is an example that globalization is an ancient phenomenon. His father was from Malta, his mother from Scotland and he was born in Portugal.

David is an example of how a family business can work for generations. He perpetuated the company not because he was the founder’s son-in-law, but as a result of this formula:

SUCCESS = 10% TALENT (which he has way more than 10%) + 10% HALF (he was in the right place, married to the owner’s daughter) + 80% EFFORT (the perspiration that comes after inspiration ).

The conversation, followed by a great lunch with a (not so small) dose of an excellent white wine from the Douro, was a lesson in how to guide the succession of a family business.

The class was accompanied by António Nogueira da Costa, a family business consultant and Raul Fernando Oliveira. Master Renato Bernhoeft wasn’t with us. He would write another book !

1. Make a family protocol, establishing the rules of the game for the owners, which is one of the three circles of the John Davis model;

2. Prepare successors from an early age, without fear of competition;

3. Find activities / projects for when you leave the operation;

4. Share your knowledge and experience, to improve the world. Leave a legacy;

I listened to the first three recommendations. I experienced the fourth in practice. Thank you David Zamith for the life lessons.

What is your legacy?