efr badge attribution

RuyDeLacerda taking another step. An achievement for an even more familiar environment !

The Fundação Másfamilia and ACEGE, based on the results of the evaluation carried out, awarded the efr badge to Ruy De Lacerda S.A., in accordance with the efr 1000-5 edition 3.

Congratulations on this attribution ! A work that was carried out in such a short space of time, with all the enthusiasm and support for the development of the efr community in Portugal.

Fundação Másfamilia was born in 2003 as a private, professional, independent, non-profit and charitable organization. It develops actions that improve the quality of life and well-being of people and their families, managing the reconciliation of personal, family and work life through the EFR model. It gives special emphasis to the management of conciliation and support to the family and the company so that work conciliation is viable, providing innovative and highly professional solutions.

RuyDeLacerda now belongs to the ” efr family ” !