ACEGE – Christian Association of Entrepreneurs and Managers

The Christian Association of Entrepreneurs and Managers is an association of business men and women who share Christian values and seek to apply them in the development of their working life.

Family Business Association

The Family Business Association exists to help Family Business to improve its management, broaden its universe of knowledge and prepare it for the one thing that is certain today – the change.

EFR – Family Responsible Entity

RuyDeLacerda invests today to gain tomorrow, as a “Family Responsible Entity,” holding certification with standard 1000-5.

With pride, RuyDeLacerda is part of the hundreds of family-owned companies that care about evolving, providing answers in terms of responsibility and respect for balancing personal, family and work life. A commitment that RuyDeLacerda has been applying for seven decades, but is now formalized.

And because companies are made by and for people !

Punctual Payment Commitment

The numbers are staggering and the consequences are unpredictable. According to recent data from informaDB, 84% of Portuguese companies do not meet their payment deadlines.

A principle that seems basic in the life of companies, ends up becoming a serious threat to their survival. This culture of permissiveness and irresponsibility in the Portuguese economy, which seems to be deeply rooted as a cultural factor, has to be counteracted, otherwise many small and medium-sized companies may succumb, should this not happen.

To replace this vicious cycle with one that was once virtuous, the # Punctual Paymenty Commitment ” challenges the largest number of companies to commit to paying their suppliers on time.

APIP – Portuguese Association of Plastic Industry

APIP – Portuguese Association of the Plastics Industry, is a non-profit Sectorial Association of Portugal, whose main objectives are the promotion and development of actions to support the plastics production and processing industries as well as the defense of their interests – economic, technical, social and associative – with national entities and international organizations. In pursuit of its statutory purposes.

Luso-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Luso-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a wide range of specific and differentiated services provided by a qualified and bilingual team of German and Portuguese employees with a background in law, management and economics and long-term professional experience in various countries.

ESMA – Driving Print Excellence

ESMA is the knowledge center for the industrial, functional and specialty printing markets. The ESMA association provides an opportunity for all technology suppliers and global leaders in these sectors to be part of it.