RuyDeLacerda | Grupo on TV !

We’re on our way to 72 years old !

This was the motto for RuyDeLacerda | Grupo decided to produce an institutional video, while the country was experiencing a serious pandemic, creating additional forces for the need to develop its Digital Marketing. Therefore, he sent the right message to all his Friends and Partners. An essence, philosophy, professionalism and a lot of history, which deserves to be told ! RuyDeLacerda | Group is different. Why ?

In a not easy challenge, summarizing 72 years in 5 minutes, RuyDeLacerda | Group created the necessary ingredients to witness the reason for its seven decades of success.

During all this time it has been diversifying its business, always following the needs of the industry in general and its customers in particular, from 1 business unit, it now has 6, with more than 60 world-renowned representations and has invested in the perpetual relationships of its employees, customers and suppliers, always offering excellence !

RuyDeLacerda | Grupo is different ? Yes it is. Watch the institutional video and get to know its particularities.